Young Physicist Prize 2019: A Physicist’s Approach to Multidisciplinary Time Series Analysis

Matti Molkkari, Tampere University

The Finnish Physical Society awards an annual prize for the excellent Master’s thesis  in the field of physical sciences. The purpose of this prize is to support young researchers and acknowledge them for the exceptional work. The winner(s) are selected by the board based on the thesis work, references and articles/videos made by the finalists.

Matti Molkkari was among the top four finalists and received honorary mention in Young Physicist 2019 competition from his thesis work.

Brief description: Seemingly complex phenomena may exhibit fractal-like order in the form of statistical correlations when observed at different scales. Building on detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), the thesis proposes methods for robustly determining the scale-dependence of the correlations. As an example, the methods are utilized for analyzing heart rate variability. After the thesis the research has continued and the methodology has been expanded to accurately determine dynamic changes in the correlations.

Dynamic RRI correlation landscape during a marathon run with the instantaneous heart rate
overlaid on the data