Honorary and fellow members

The annual meeting of the Finnish Physical Society can based on the unanimous proposition of the board to invite an honor member, who has been particularly merited in physics or its applications or has remarkably advanced the activity of the society

Fellow-members are individuals who have remarkable merits in advancing physics research, teaching or outreach. The board will decide on naming the fellow member based on the proposition of the Fellow Working Group. If you want to suggest a fellow member, at least two members of the society are required to make a proposition for the Fellow Working Group.  The Fellow Working Group consist of Keijo Hämäläinen, Kalle-Antti-Suominen and Päivi Törmä (named in annual meeting in 21.3.2018).

Finnish Physical Society has eight fellow members and one honor member

Fellow members: Helena Aksela, Kari Enqvist, Olli Ikkala, Juhani Keinonen, Hannu Koskinen, Matti Manninen, Risto Nieminen, Paul Hoyer and Juha Äystö
Honorary member: Mikko Paalanen