The Road from Here

Emilia Kilpua & Anu Kankainen & Tero Karjalainen Big changes have taken place in the Finnish Physical Society (FPS). Our society has a long history, being active now over 70 […]

Greetings from the New FinDiP Chair

Diversity in Physics, Finland (FinDiP) is the working group of the Finnish Physical Society. David Weir I’d like to thank Milica for her hard work over the past year. I’m […]

Greetings from the EPS Council meeting

Emilia Kilpua I participated in the European Physical Society (EPS) council meeting that was held online Friday May 28, 2020. Originally the meeting was supposed to be in Brussels in […]

Young Physicist 2019 Prize Winners

Finnish Physical Society’s Young Physicist 2019 Winners announced. This round we received several nominations that were of extremely high quality […]

Annual Meeting 26.3.2020 (Online)

INVITATION to the Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society. The Annual Meeting of the Finnish Physical Society will be held […]

YOUNG PHYSICIST PRIZE 2020: CALL IS OPEN. 🏆The purpose of this 
prize is to support young researchers and acknowledge them for the 
exceptional work. E-form and details:

NUOREN FYYSIKON PALKINTO 2020: Haku on auki 🏆 Tarkoituksena on tukea nuoria fyysikoita ja palkita heitä 
poikkeuksellisen ansiokkaista suorituksista. Lähetä ehdotuksesi 8.1.2021 klo 23:59 mennessä.
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