Stop lecturing!

writer: Kimmo Tuominen We are facing big changes in the ways how higher education should be organised.  No, I am not thinking about the increasing administrative burden of developing formal […]

Turning point – Finland making it way up again

 Writer: Kaarle Hämeri The government in Finland has published the negotiation results and the new government programme. The programme indicates clear change in direction of our nation. The universities see […]

Young Physicist Prize 2018

Young Physicist Prize for  2018 were awarded at Physics Days 2019 to Lauri Niemi and Olli Ahslted Aiheesta löytyvät kirjoitus.  

Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor

Stop Lecturing! Teaching and learning in schools have changed dramatically over the past decade. How should physics education in universities react? Read from FPS blog @helsinkiuni university lecturer Kimmo Tuominen's views