Finnish National Committee of IUPAP

The board of Finnish Physical Society acts as the national committee in physics that maints established relations with International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), international affiliate organizations and international physical societies as well as higher educational and universities in Finland.  

IUPAP was founded in 1922 as auspices of International Research Council (IRC), preceded by International Council for Science (ICSU). The activities in IUPAP are divided in commissions and working groups. IUPAP organizes a General Assembly every three years. A representative from Finnish Physical Society attends to this assembly. Other regular activities of IUPAP include issuing scientific publications and sponsoring a number of prizes and awards for physicists. There are currently about 60 members representing identified physics communities adhered to IUPAP.

The representatives of Finland in IUPAP commissions (2018-2020)

C2: Symbols, Units, Nomenclature, Atomic Masses & Fundamental Constants, Antti Manninen (member)

C4: Commission on Astroparticle Physics, Ilya Usoskin (member)

C5: Low Temperature Physics, Pertti Hakonen (vice chair)