Sponsoring members

The Sponsoring Members of the Finnish Physical Society have a profound importance for the activity of the society. Below are the list and short descriptions of our current sponsoring members.

CSC – IT Center for Science:  is a Finnish center of expertise in information technology owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions. We provide internationally high-quality ICT expert services for higher education institutions, research institutes, culture, public administration and enterprises to help them thrive and benefit society at large.

CHEOS: Cheos Oy provides durable and high quality measuring equipment and solutions for our customers in research, product development and quality control. We represent leading manufacturers in photonics, microscopy and machine vision.

Aalto University’s Department of Applied Physics pursues vigorous research activities in the field of physical sciences with important industrial applications and technological potential. Much of the research is focused on condensed matter and materials physics, quantum physics and advanced energy sciences. The department coordinates two Academy of Finland’s centres of excellence and the national OtaNano research infrastructure. The department educates experts in physics and its applications, employed by various sectors of our society from industry to top-level research.

SV Vacuumservice Oy was established in 1984 and specializes in vacuum technology. We represent companies in the vacuum industry worldwide. In addition to imports, we design, manufacture, and assemble vacuum equipment. We also offer consulting, servicing, and the sale of spare parts for various vacuum pumps. Our goal is to provide all of the necessary components for the vacuum applications for our customers. Our customer base consists of small companies, major domestic OEM manufacturers and major institutions, as well as everything in between.

Tecalemit Flow Oy‘s vacuum technology unit provide products, services and solutions for vacuum technology application requirements. We represent Edwards Vacuum which is a global leader in vacuum technology with over 100 years of experience. Besides of product sales, we install and maintain vacuum pumps and perform helium leak testing. We can provide spare parts for almost all vacuum pump brands. We also provide consultant assistance on vacuum technology issues. The product category also includes Hiden remain gas analyzers, MBraun gloveboxes and Advanced Energy power supplies.

Since 1874, Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing has been delivering scientific publishing excellence through our strong portfolio of journals and ebooks, which includes some of the world’s leading specialist titles across the physics spectrum. Researchers and librarians are choosing IOP Publishing to secure first-rate research outcomes and support the success of their students. We offer advice and guidelines to help authors and referees, built-in tools to measure research impact, and dedicated marketing expertise to help librarians communicate the value of their resources more widely to the faculties they serve. As a society publisher, any surplus we make goes directly to IOP to support their mission to advance physics for the benefit of society, to meet global challenges, and to develop the future generation of scientists.