Young Physicist 2020 Winners

Finnish Physical Society’s Young Physicist 2020 Winners have been announced in the opening ceremony of Physics Days.  In a very tough competition the board decided to give the first prize to Sonja Kujanpää from University of Jyväskylä (Determination of the magnetic octupole moment of 173-Yb and a design towards laser-double resonance methods in an MR-ToF device). Honourable mentions were given to Laura Vuorinen  from University of Turku (High-speed plasma jets downstream of the Earth’s bow shock) and Eric Hyyppä from Aalto University (Island-free superconducting qubit). Congratulations!!

Links to the blog posts

Sonja Kujanpää

Laura Vuorinen

Eric Hyyppä

Left) Sonja Kujanpää, Middle) Eric Hyyppä, Right) Laura Vuorinen