‘Physics Smoothie’ webinar 5th Oct 2021 at 18:00

Welcome to the first ever Physics Smoothie on Tuesday 5th of October at 18:00! Physics Smoothie is a webinar series created by Finnish Young Minds (FYM), a division of the Finnish Physical Society, for all physics students, doctoral students and young researchers around Finland.

First three parts of the Smoothie series focus on the various aspects of Physics in Finland. It covers universities and institutes across Finland where physics is taught and researched.

The aim of Physics Smoothies is to bring all physics students and young physicists together and blend up the exchange of thoughts, different contacts and just having a good time with people alike!

In addition, you can already start being a part of smoothie by joining the Discord Server “Fresh Physicists”: https://discord.gg/9R4J5WxJ.

On 5th of October, Johanna Närväinen from VTT, Jani-Petri Martikainen from Aalto University and Lasse Laurson from Tampere University will tell us about e.g.

  • What kind of physics research is carried out there?
  • Which institutes, companies or universities are their biggest collaborators in the field of physics?
  • What sorts of Master’s programmes in physics are taught there?

Schedule of the webinar:

18.00 Johanna Närväinen: Physics at VTT
18.15 Jani-Petri Martikainen: Physics at Aalto University
18.30 Lasse Laurson: Physics at Tampere University
18.45 Discussion with each of the presenters in breakout rooms
19.00 Closing of the session

To participate to the event and to get the Zoom link, register here .
Registration deadline: Monday 4th of October.

The series will continue in November with three more universities.
Stay tuned!

Note that the students can join the Finnish Physical Society for free and the membership fee for junior members (MSc degree or equivalent less than 5 years ago i.e. 2016 or later) is only 15 EUR/year!

The Finnish Young Minds team

Olli-Pekka Tikkasalo
Anton Saressalo
Daria Anttila
Antti Mikkonen
Mohammad Mirmoosa
For more information, contact Antti Mikkonen (antti.o.mikkonen at helsinki.fi) .