Physics Days 2022 Hannu Koskinen’s presentation awards

Every year on Physics Days we award the Hannu Koskinen’s presentation prize’s for the two best oral and the two best poster presentations.

The winners of the Best Talk Prize for the Physics Days 2022 are:

Mira Viljanen, University of Helsinki: Nanoimaging of the phloem in tension wood of silver birch using X-ray scanning diffraction

Riku Tuovinen, University of Helsinki: Electron correlation effects in superconducting nanowires in and out of equilibrium

The winners of the Best Poster Prize for the Physics Days 2022 are:

Mikko Kivekäs, University of Jyväskylä: Elastic scattering and recoiling cross-sections measured by ToF-ERDA for low energy heavy ions

Manuel Kuchelmeister, Aalto University: Multi-fidelity machine learning to accelerate materials research

Congratulations to all four winners!