Young Physicist Prize

The Finnish Physical Society has established a Young Physicist Prize, to be awarded annually for a Master's thesis deemed to be excellent in the field of physical sciences. The purpose of this prize is to support young physicists and to promote exceptional work.

The criterion for the prize is a Master's thesis considered to be of exceptional quality that includes significant independent contribution from the candidate. The thesis must be both exemplary and written to a very high standard. The grade awarded for the thesis is required to be the highest available; i.e. 5 where the grading scale is 1-5 (or equivalent), or at least eximia, where the thesis is graded on the scale from approbatur to laudatur. The thesis can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The board of the Finnish Physical Society will act as the Selection Committee. The Committee will base its decision on their own evaluation of the thesis in addition to the grounds given in the nomination letter.

The nomination should be supported by at least one member of the Finnish Physical Society: the letter of recommendation must be written by the supporter her-/himself.

The nominee does not have to be a member of the Finnish Physical Society.

The prize consists of a monetary sum of 1000 Euro and a complimentary one year membership to the Finnish Physical Society. The prize can be divided between several individuals at the committee's discretion.

The prize is awarded annually at the Physics Days, the annual meeting of the Finnish Physical Society. The prize winner(s) will also be notified separately. All theses approved during 2018 in the field of physical sciences are eligible for the prize.

The prize can be applied for using the form below. The deadline for the application is 15th of January, 2019.

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